11. I have a bunch if nicknames.

All were given to me by my family. And they mostly have nothing to do with my name at all. So my name is Jessica but heres the list of names they call me

Dad calls me: Goonie head (after the movie The Goonies)

Mom calls me: Jessabell, Gia, muffie (idk)

the rest of my family calls me: Jessi, GG, Jecka, Geeg, and Gee

The only nicknames I prefer are Jessi and Gee. My grandpa use to call me Gee and although it has nothing to do with my name I love it. Sometimes he’d throw a “the” in the front of it and it made me feel gangsta. Like “the gee” lmao. But yeah. I’d much rather be known as Gee from now on.

Thursday, December 15th, 2011